Monday November 24 , 2014
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Radical ResiliencyA person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principles to accomplish a goal


ResiliencyAn ability to recover readily from or adjust easily to misfortune, change or adversity


Overcoming ObstaclesTo prevail over opposition in a struggle or conflict, to conquer or defeat the odds in spite of any handicap one might have

Steve Welker hasn't always been blind.....

Most people have never been blind. So most people can't fully understand Steve—but Steve Welker can understand them.  That's what makes his message so powerful.

His story is about a tragedy that has been turned into a triumph of spirit in a world so many of us simply take for granted—but Steve Welker cannot.

When Steve was 35, he thought he had everything going for him. He had a great career, great wife and twins on the way. Steve was leading a charmed life, that was until April 30, 1994. Then, in a matter of seconds, everything changed! In one seemingly senseless, unfathomable moment of disastrous coincidence, just days before the birth of their twin boys, both Steve and Kristi were severely injured in a car crash, and Steve lost his sight forever.

Seeing no other favorable options, Steve learned how to sharpen his resiliency skills and eventually build a new, rewarding life. He has gone on to become a successful businessperson, author, speaker, father and husband. Using his story, found here on as an anchor, Steve shares how the closing of doors in your life are signals to start looking for new doors. He explains, by example, how to look for the door knobs, not the locks.

Whether your group is facing unique obstacles, overwhelming change or Personal challenges, Steve's program can help them build the resiliency skills they need to overcome and thrive. Strong resiliency skills can help anyone bounce back from challenges faster and have happier, more productive lives.

For maximum effectiveness, Steve custom tailors his 'Radical Resiliency' message to each group he speaks with.

Let Steve personalize a presentation for you. It is guaranteed to be a message you will not soon forget.

"I believe, most people, when they truly accept their limitations, can develop or uncover from within themselves an ability to overcome great odds. Superhero status is not a prerequisite. One does not have to possess indefatigable willpower or unshakeable motivation to succeed after a tragedy. With the proper tools and faith in God, most people can do it."

"I am normally the sort of person who does not accept success until it is literally in the bank." ~ Steve Welker

Steve speaking at a recent United Way reception at the Goldwater estate in Phoenix.